Graduation Ceremony: English Improvement Program 2023

A big big thank you!

New Jersey USA Jul 01 2023: GlobalNagari Foundation’s Flagship English Improvement Program 2023 was successfully completed last week. The Graduation ceremony for the program was held virtually with all the Teachers(Students) and the Volunteer Tutors from across the Globe who participated in this program. The Program was completed by 60 Teachers from various schools across the Ahmednagar district. Reading Comprehension and Spoken English/Conversational English are particularly stressed upon along with the Basics of Grammar during the Program.


Tutor Volunteers: 


The Program continues to surprise everyone by the enthusiastic support it receives from so many volunteers wanting to help. In 2023,[36] of volunteers worked as a cohesive and committed team to again ensure the Program ran smoothly, with a happy smile for all Students.Volunteers committed to the Program in the final weeks prior to the commencement. This at times has the Program Admin committee and Volunteer Coordinator nervous. However, the GlobalNagari Volunteer community always rally and get behind the Program and extend their support. The role of Program Admin Coordinator is a time-consuming position, with Hemangi Kute, Vikrant Kakad and Vijay Kekane working hard to recruit, roster and support Tutor volunteers.IT platform and support was provided by Vishal Kadam, Pramod Karle and Ramesh Tarate.


Teacher/ Students: 

There were many exercises and Lessons that students were required to take during the course. The syllabus for the program was carefully chosen and instituted with the help and guidance of Mr. Shirish Sathe and Mrs. Meera Tamhankar. The Program was conducted this time in an online Learning Module vs the Previous versions where Manual exercises were required. The Teachers adapted very quickly to the change and were comfortable with the Learning Module very Quickly. 




In addition to the face-to-face feedback conducted by the Admin Team on the Graduation day, several online surveys were made available through GNF Learning Platform to get feedback from Students, volunteers and coordinators. This survey method resulted in responses being received, reviewed and implemented which led to positive result and improvements on the go for Students/Tutors. Further to this was in the informal feedback received via the email address and Whatsapp. It is pleasing to see Students providing positive feedback and constructive advice in the English Language during and at the conclusion of the Program.

At the end of the Graduation Ceremony, Mr. Kishor Gore, Mrs. Meera Tamhankar and the Admin Team spoke to the Students and encouraged them to continue this learning journey forward. 

That was an amazing and informative Program for students. These types of Programs are a source to increase knowledge and interest in the various forms of English language. 

Way forward: 


GlobalNagari, with the help of English experts Shirish Sathe and Meera Tamhankar who have developed a curriculum in most-needed areas of English skills (Grammar, Reading, Writing and Speaking) for 12-14 weeks duration assuming 3 hours per week (1 hr. session and 2 hrs homework/preparation) for Teachers. Each selected Teacher would be paired up with a GlobalNagari Tutor. This Tutor will guide the teacher to complete the required lessons. In a weekly one hour Google Meet, Skype or Whatsapp video session, both Teacher and Tutor are expected to remain in touch. They will go through the homework and evaluate the progress together. In addition to this, each Teacher would spend up to two hours a week completing the given homework keeping up the pace of assigned lesson learning.