GlobalNagari Foundation, Inc. USA ( is a non-profit social and charitable organization formed by various people from Ahmednagar district living abroad in 50+ countries around the world. We share an urge to serve and create awareness in the society by taking small meaningful initiatives to bring transformation and guide our people back home in Ahmednagar district as a way of giving back to the society.


We are happy to announce that GlobalNagari Foundation, Inc. USA and Schools in Ahmednagar District jointly going to start English Improvement Program 2023.


What is the English Improvement Program – 2023?

The English Improvement Program – 2023 is an initiative with the Ahmednagar district school teachers to upgrade their English language skills in order to reach school children.The program concentrates on areas like Grammar, Reading, Writing and Spoken English. The program involves continuous one-on-one interaction of the Teachers with the assigned GlobalNagari Volunteers (Tutors). Our Volunteers based in the USA, UK and other countries, who are working in different fields like Medicine, Engineering, Teaching, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Information Technology etc. will work closely and personalize the course contents as per the teachers’ need and learning speed.

Why should someone participate in this program?

    1. An opportunity to have weekly sessions with a dedicated overseas Tutor to personally work on and to improve English language skills.

    1. Advantage of a weekly engagement with a dedicated Tutor, will help teachers not only for learning English but also to build confidence and get instant feedback.

    1. Other benefits of the program are to learn proper etiquettes, time commitment, additional computer skills like accessing and posting documents on Google drives, overseas schools culture etc.

Who should join this program?

    1. This program is open for all the Ahmednagar district school Teachers (preferably English subject teachers with 5-10 years of experience) who are genuinely interested in improving their English Language Skills with the Improved skills and techniques, Teachers can confidently teach their students English language.

    1. Commitment from each teacher to spend 1 hr for Tutor-Teacher session and 2 hrs for homework, every week for the next 4 months is required.

    1. Commitment to honor your and Tutor’s Time, diligently attend the calls and complete the assigned homework is required

How does this Program work?

    1. GlobalNagari Foundation, with the help of English experts Shirish Sathe and Meera Tamhankar who are connected with Pratham USA and have developed a curriculum in most-needed areas of English skills (Grammar, Reading, Writing and Speaking) for 12 weeks duration assuming 3 hrs per week (1 hr session and 2 hrs homework/preparation) for Teachers.

    1. Each selected Teacher would be paired up with a GlobalNagari Tutor. This Tutor will guide the teacher to complete the required lessons. In a weekly one hour Google Meet, Skype or Whats app video session, both Teacher and Tutor are expected to remain in touch. They will go through the homework and evaluate the progress together. In addition to this, each Teacher would spend up to two hours a week completing the given homework keeping up the pace of assigned lesson learning.

Program timeline

This is  ~3 Months Duration – March 12 to June 10, 2023

Week 1 Mar 12 to Mar 18 Introduction, Initial Assessment Test of Teachers for basic English language skills.
Week 02-12 Mar 19 to May 03 Customized Sessions – Focus on Grammar, Reading, Speaking and Writing Skills
Week 13 June 04 to June 10 FINAL TEST and Completion of the Project.

How to participate in the Program?

    1. Registration for the English Improvement Program – 2023 begins on March 01st  and ends by March 06th, 2023.

    1. Teachers would be notified about the selection and next steps of the program.

    1. Please click on the button below to open the registration form.


About our previous English Improvement Program in 2021

We successfully concluded a 12-week program in the month of May 2021. 169 Teachers, 84 Tutors and 15 GlobalNagari Administrators participated in it. The English Improvement Program – 2021 results were very encouraging and motivating as many teachers showed interest to participate again.

Teacher’s Feedback:

    • Lack of English conversation opportunities is a major hindrance and this program addresses this primarily. GlobalNagari Tutors helped teachers realize the importance of practicing English speaking.

    • Teachers expressed that they lost touch with important English skills in Grammar, Writing and Speaking.

    • Teachers have got an opportunity to interact with people living globally and it helps them to learn other skills like proper etiquettes, time commitment, Google Docs, American School pattern, different working culture countries etc.

    • I learnt the correct pronunciation of words; my writing skill has improved and now I can speak confidently. This was my first time interacting with a person who is abroad. I am really thankful to the GlobalNagari Foundation.

    • This program helps teachers improve their English which in turn will benefit their students